Organic Chlorella

USDA Certified Organic - GMP Certified - NON GMO - bio2go certification

Heavy Metal Detoxifier & Body Tissue Build and Repair Superfood

Chlorella is a single – celled algae which belong to the Chlorophyta green algae family. It is very well known for its powerful detoxifying power for the body.

Chlorella attracts and captures heavy metals, bacteria, and radiation, so it’s one of the world’s top detoxifying agents.

Chlorella is the ONLY plant on the planet that can quadruple its growth in less than one day. It contains Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), which is a potent phytonutrient comprised of amino acids, beta glucans, nucleic acids, peptides, and polysaccharides. These micronutrients work together to help stimulate tissue growth and repairing

Why Chlorella Is Good For You:

  • Detoxify Heavy Metal, Chemicals And Other Toxins In the Body
  • Kidney and Liver Detoxification
  • Normalize Digestion And Bowel Function
  • Stimulate Growth And Repair
  • Strengthen The Immune System and Protect The Liver
  • Normalizes Your Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Levels
  • Helps Increase Your Energy Levels
  • Eliminates Bad Breath

How To Choose Reliable Quality Chlorella?

Did you ask the following questions before purchasing Chlorella?

  • Where is the country of origin of the Chlorella? - You deserve to know!
  • A lab test result (COA)
  • Organic Certification

Do you know Chlorella binds environmental toxins easily? If the Chlorella you purchased is not from a reputable source. You are not getting rid of the toxins out of your body. Instead, you are putting toxins into your body. It is very important to obtain Chlorella from a reliable source.

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